Ewan McGregor Hair

Ewan McGregor hair
Ewan McGregor - Photo by Photorazzi
Ewan McGregor is probably most recognized now for his role as a young Obi Wan Kenobi in the prequel trilogy of the Star Wars series (Episodes One, Two and Three). However, he's also starred in other films, showing a tremendous, versatile talent.
Seen here, McGregor is sporting a faux hawk in his dark blond hair. This is a trendy look that is ideal for those with wide features who need to elongate the face.
The Cut: This style is cut on the sides and back as a traditional man's cut, the perimeter follows around the ear (with or without sideburns as desired) and to the top of the neck in back, making sure to square the nape area for a cleaner look. The sides and back are cut short (shown here at approximately one-inch lengths from the bottom to the parietal ridge.
From the parietal ridge to the crown and top areas the hair gradually increases in length to a maximum length in the center section down the center of the top at about 3 to 3-1/2 inches in length. The long central strip can be textured using a razor tool to create a slightly softened effect.
The Style: After shampooing and conditioning, the hair should be sprayed with leave-in conditioner and styling product. At this point, you should use your blow-dryer and dry the hair, directing the airflow slightly upward and toward the front of the face as you go. Use a half-round brush to direct the hair in the center strip upward on each side as it dries.
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