David Arquette Hair

David Arquette hair
David Arquette - Photos by Photorazzi
Known mostly for his roles as a good-hearted scatterbrain, and for his marriage to "Friends" star Courtney Cox, as well as his famous siblings (Patricia and Rosanna, and even Alexis), David Arquette is a guy who knows how to cultivate the look of the lovable slob.
Here we see a typical look for David: razor cut men's style, mussed to a "fair-thee-well". The cut is well suited to many hair types, from fine to coarse, and straight to mildly wavy.
The Cut: This cut is achieved with a razor tool following the typical guidelines for the traditional men's cut. Keep the lengths longer than normal. Allow for the perimeter to fall below the tops of the ears on the sides to just above the base of the neck in back.
Layer the hair on the sides and back, slightly increasing the length to approximately three inches at the top and crown areas of the head. The finished cut should be choppy and well-textured.
David Arquette and Courtney Cox
David Arquette & Courtney Cox - Photo by Photorazzi
The Style: The cut is blown-dry using a small amount of product and a leave-in spray to condition and protect the hair. The airflow should be directed from the back of the head forward to encourage the wispy, frame around the front of the face.
Once dry, use a small amount of pomade, or styling wax to add some definition to the style and give a little polish to the mussed appearance.
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