A Classic Chignon for Brittany Murphy

Brittany Murphy - Classic chignon hairstyle
Brittany Murphy - Photo: Featureflash Photo Agency/Shutterstock
Here we see the lovely young actress, Brittany Murphy pausing for photos as she arrives along the red carpet. Ms. Murphy is probably best known for her movie roles in such films as 8 Mile, Don't Say A Word, and Little Black Book, as well as for her voice work on such television hits such as FOX's King of the Hill.
After a period of cutting her teeth on bit parts and playing the ubiquitous teen misfit, Ms. Murphy's every-girl looks and lovely blonde curls have served her well on her climb to leading lady status.
The Cut:
Ms. Murphy's below-the-shoulder length hair is blunt cut, but textured to avoid an over-abundance of bulk given that her hair is so thick and dense. However, the hairstyle she wears in the above photos is easily created with any long hair cut.
The Color:
One of the most-imitated aspects of Brittany Murphy's look is the color of her beautiful golden tresses. Achieving this look requires layering tones of golden-blonde shades ranging from level 7 through level 9 in gold and orange base colors.
Do keep in mind that you should have at least medium brown levels of hair color before attempting to lighten your hair to the golden blonde shades. Having to lighten the hair too much can result in loss of the condition and integrity of the hair.
The Style:
The style shown here is a classic chignon look. It's smooth, elegant and classy. It makes the perfect compliment to any dressed-up, formal occasion.
The style is created as shown by starting with rolled hair for curl, brushed out, parted as desired and smoothed across the forehead to be gathered at the nape of the neck. The hair is secured using a ponytail elastic or other clasp, and a slender lock of hair is then wrapped over and around the gather to hide the appliance from sight.
Hair styling technique for a classic chignon
The hair beyond the gather is backcombed slightly to add fullness and rolled under and anchored to the gathering point with bob pins to form a soft roll. The roll can be left unadorned for a clean and simple style, or it can be ornamented as shown here with a single large blossom, a cluster of flowers or another jeweled accessory.
The style is further accentuated by the freeing of a single lock of hair at the face, which is curled and let hang in a smooth coil.
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