Benjamin Bratt Hair

Benjamin Bratt - medium length men's haircut
Benjamin Bratt - Photo: Photo Works/Shutterstock
Another of Hollywood's dark and handsome types, Benjamin Bratt is probably best known for the roles he's played on the small screen in TV's "Law & Order" and "Homicide: Life on the Street", as well as for the roles he's played opposite some more-famous co-stars: Madonna (The Next Best Thing) and Sandra Bullock (Miss Congeniality).
Seen here, Benjamin is sporting a mid-length, layered cut which takes advantage of his hair's natural wave pattern. The cut is good for anyone with medium-textured, wavy hair.
The Cut: This cut is achieved by cutting the perimeter to just-above-brow-length at the fringe area, with a wedge to the middle of the ear on the sides and using a curved line at the back nape-of-the-neck area.
Cut the sides, crown and top of the head using a circle cut to approximately 3 inches in length. Cut the layers for the back of the head by holding the hair at a 90-degree elevation and use a vertical cutting line.
Benjamin Bratt hair
Benjamin Bratt - Photos by Photorazzi
The Style: Style the cut by plying the hair with leave-in conditioner and a light styling mousse. Use a blow-dryer with a diffuser attachment and a round brush to dry the hair to a nearly-dry state. At this point, use your fingers to arrange the hair in the desired style. The hair should be free-moving and soft to the touch.
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