Rochelle Aytes Hairstyles

Rochelle Aytes is an American actress, born on May 17th, 1976. Rochelle is known for her roles as Grace Russell in "The Forgotten" and Denise Porter in "White Chicks".
  • Rochelle Aytes

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Rochelle has a very feminine style, which in itself has a lot of different facets. Her looks can be elegant, glamorous, exuding casual chic or a bohemian free spirit. With her long and smoothly layered hair she has a great base for a range of hairstyles that fit all events, moods and situations.
In its natural curly glory, her hair boosts huge volume and with the help of fine tuned layers a pleasant round shape. Straightened and long her afro turns into a look of glamour and seductive elegance, ready for the red carpet. Another very adorable hairstyle she has been seen with is a center parted, shoulder long cut with large waves throughout. It has a very romantic vibe just as her various updo, which are at times very elaborate and combine longer strands with pinned, twisted and curled sections.
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