Rena Riffel's Short Bob

Rena Riffel wearing her hair in a short bob
Photo by PR Photos
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Rena Riffel was at the CBS "Ghost Whisperer" celebration of 100 episodes on March 1st, 2010 and she looked completely stunning in her short bob haircut that rode smoothly down the sides and cuffed slightly under her chin line. There was a high part that allowed for her light feathery bangs to gently fluff over her eyebrows.
Her hair color was a tri-mixture of blonde, brown and a little gray for good measure. The bob is a haircut that will be forever in style and is an easy keeper for those who are tired of their long laborious moments in front of the mirror while blow drying their hair. A simple 6 week trim will be all you need. The foils for her hair color will be hours at your salon.
Her makeup is for a fair skin tone and she has concealor and eyeliner encircled around her eyes. What we can see of her luscious eyebrows are a natural width and color. She has lashes and mascara, a hint of blush and vivid red lip color. The high black collared neck sets precedence for the darker tones in her hair and brings up the light.
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