Preeya Kalidas Hairstyles

Preeya Kalidas is a British actress and singer, born June 21st, 1980. She played the role of Amira Shah in EastEnders.
  • Preeya Kalidas

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Preeya is of Indian descent and this often reflects in her fashion choices. Many women would die for her bundle of thick, full and brunette hair. Preeya wears it with pride and allows its full beauty to show by keeping it long and wearing it open on many occasions.
The mid-back long hair has a lot of built in body with a strong natural wave that is easy to enhance by just adding a few strategic layers and a bit of curl enhancing and holding product.
Preeya's hair is what luxury is made of and she looks very elegant with a deep side part and a diagonal long fringe draped across her forehead. Her exquisite features come out best when she wears updos, festive or casual.
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