Patricia Heaton Hairstyles

Patricia Heaton is an American actress born on March 4th, 1958 in Tucson, Arizona. Patricia is well known for playing the role of Debra Barone on the sitcom Verybody Loves Raymond.
  • Patricia Heaton with long rounded hair
  • Patricia Heaton
  • Patricia Heaton's hair cut in a bob
  • Patricia Heaton with short hair

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The award winning star has thick chestnut brown hair that at times is tinted in a spicy red, transparent hue. Never going to extremes Patricia shows much taste when it comes to her fashions and her haircuts. She is opting for timeless, non dramatic and practical but sensational hairstyles.
Her longer, over the shoulder looks are delightfully feminine and come with a lot of sensuous style. Patricia is also an ideal candidate for the elegance of an even length bob to frame her beautiful face.
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