Paige Hemmis Hairstyles

Paige Hemmis is an American television personality, born on March 17th, 1972 in Wisconsin. Paige is known for her roles on "Extreme Makeover Home Edition" and "The Superstars".
  • Paige Hemmis
  • Paige Hemmis wearing a silk blouse

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Paige is a very hands-on girl and not a stranger to using that hammer and saw herself. At the same time she manages to look great all the time. Well, as far as we can see. Her hair is fine but plentiful and she wears it in a range of long styles. Since her forehead is slightly dominant she looks best with hairstyles that are not "top heavy". This means that she should avoid too much volume on the crown while having her forehead exposed.
A much better and more flattering way are bangs with a lot of texture that are part of a long and layered or at least tapered look. Add a little wave along the length and a great casual and stylish look turns glamorous. When she is roughing it at work she sometimes wears her hair braided into charming pigtails, which by the way do not have an age limit at all. Ponytails and scrunchy buns are also a chic alternative to get the hair out of the way and still look stylish.
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