Olya Zueva Hairstyles

  • Olya Zueva

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Olya Zueva is an actress. The Russian beauty is also getting herself ready for a new career on the big screen. She had a role in the movie "Salt" with Angelina Jolie. Olya's approach to fashion and especially hair fashion is stylish and timeless. She likes classic haircuts that she styles in a new and modern way.
A good example is her bob. Cut in a blunt line at about chin length and adorned with perfectly shaped bangs that barely touch the eyebrows it is the ultimate of all the classy cuts. To give it a modern appeal Olya styles it with a lot of volume and movement and a low degree of disheveling.
Her bangs, even though there is a center part, have a fun curve to the left and all edges are soft and rounded. The same cut can also be styled super sleek and with a retro strict appearance that is very high fashion.
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