Natasha Alam Hairstyles

Natasha Alam is a Russian-American actress and model. Her roles include appearances in CSI, NYPD Blue, Entourage and True Blood.
  • Natasha Alam with shorter hair
  • Natasha Alam with messy long hair
  • Natasha Alam with medium length hair

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Some women are just made to wear their hair in a mane and Natasha expresses her feline nature not only through her piercing gaze but also with her huge amount of billowing hair. Blonde, length to mid back and demurely parted in the center was a very sexy and ethereal look for Natasha and she has been wearing her hair in varying stages of ruffled temptation and deliberately messy delight.
Blonde was the hair color of choice for a long time, but she switched to a sultry brunette tone, which brings out her eyes even more and is very flattering to her skin tone. With the color came also a new length and the shoulder long layered haircut with the diagonal fringe has a timeless stylishness built in, while being casual and very flexible.
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