Marla Maples Hairstyles

Marla Maples is an American actress and television personality, born on October 27th, 1963. She is best known for her marriage to Donald Trump.
  • Marla Maples
  • versatile shoulder length hairstyle

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The socialite has many facets but has stayed loyal to a specific family of hairstyles. Long and layers. The amount of layering and the specific length have changed several times and will most likely continue to do so, but the main idea will stay the same. Marla wears her hair blonde and always with a lot of movement and volume. She does not exaggerate the styling and keeps things chic, wearable and very flattering.
For special events the amount of curl may increase or she turns to elaborate upstyles when the occasion is right, but among the best hairstyles for Marla are tapered and layered haircuts that have a lot of texture around her face and a side fringe. With her face shape she also looks great with bangs, but she prefers a more sophisticated look. Her color is a sandy, medium blonde, often with highlights.
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