Shoulder Tipping Hair Length

Marla Maples shoulder tipping blonde hair with an angled cutting line
Photo by PR Photos
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A pretty Marla Maples was smiling at the Global Green USA's 6th Annual Pre-Oscar Party Befitting Green Schools in Hollywood, California on February 19, 2009.
Marla is wearing her hair in a shoulder tipping length that can be quite versatile when she would like to wear it up or down or styled away from her face. She has gone with the flow and styled her hair into a straight coiffure with bangs that are skirted over the side of the forehead.
Her hair has rich mahogany browns and darker blondes that bring some pizzazz in her lighter blonde color. With the lithe angled sides, straightness and easy length; Marla's hair would be an easy hairstyle for anyone to keep. All you need is a blow dryer and maybe a diffuser to help straighten your hair like Marla's.
Tip: A haircut is everything to you because it is the cut that brings the energy out for others to experience and see. We've all seen "dead" haircuts that seem not to have any life in them, and then we've seen such great haircuts that are so full of life it looks like it would break out in song any minute. This is the way your hair should look and feel on you. You can always tell if your hair is "happy" or not by the haircut that you receive. Marla's haircut is perfect and healthy.
Marla wears a modest amount of makeup with a light wintery foundation, tweezed eyebrows, concealor with a light shadow applied over and a slightly darker color blended in the crease of her eye on the bone. She has encircled eyeliner and mascara on her lashes. There is very little blush and a glossy pink lip tint.
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