Milla Jovovich's Mid-length Hairstyle

Milla Jovovich - Fun medium length hairstyle with bangs
Photo: Jaguar PS/Shutterstock
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Looking for a fun, mid-length hairstyle that totally rocks? Look no further than this photo taken of Milla Jovovich when she attended the 66th Cannes Film Festival (2013). She channeled her inner rock star and really brought the attitude. We love this medium length haircut and overall style.
Super thick bangs fall forward but are tousled and roughed up so they don't lay down completely flat and lifeless. The end of her bangs is right at her top lash line so they are really long and make Milla look extra dark and mysterious. The tousled texture continues into the rest of the hairstyle.
Strands were curled with an iron then sprayed to the max with hairspray and roughed up with her hands to add some grit and sexy frizz. The length is cut right about the shoulder which adds to the sassy element.
Her hair color is incredibly natural looking. The tone is pretty basic with it leaning towards the cooler end of the spectrum. Cooler tones look great with green or blue colored eyes.
Milla Jovovich with her hair tousled and roughed up
Photo: Featureflash/Shutterstock
Milla Jovovich sporting mid-length hair with bangs
Photo: Featureflash/Shutterstock
Milla Jovovich - Hairstyle with thick bangs
Photo: Featureflash/Shutterstock
Milla Jovovich hair length
Photo: Jaguar PS/Shutterstock
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