Exposed Ear Lobes

Milla Jovovich with short hair and exposed ear lobe
Photo: Kojoku/Shutterstock
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Milla Jovovich with short hair in 2006.
She keeps her hair tapered up in the back with short layers graduating longer in her crown. The sides are also layered just a bit longer for versatility, as it flows over or behind her ears leaving her lobes exposed to reveal any jewelry she would decide to wear.
Her bangs are clipped quite short and moving with length into the crown area again. Her hair color appears to be a neutral cool brunette that mixes well with her good choice of cranberry lipstick flattering the lovely pink tones of her face. Good work!
Milla Jovovich with very short wavy hair
Photo: 360b/Shutterstock
Milla Jovovich's short haircut
Photo: Kojoku/Shutterstock
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