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Megan Boone
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Rocking the red carpet with her fabulous purple heels and lovely brown embroidered dress, Megan Boone could not have looked more effortlessly beautiful. Her makeup was on point, with just the right amount keeping her looking fierce yet fresh.
Megan is a brunette, through and through. She is a level 6 light golden brown and isn't one to vary off into other hair colors. However, she isn't afraid to try any length of hair. In fact, she is in the process of growing her hair out from a pixie hairstyle and is an excellent example of how to go through the transition process of growing the hair out.
What's great about this medium length look of Megan's is that even though it's not lengthy, it has a lot of movement in it. This is due to the layers within the haircut. Her shortest layer falls right below her chin, making for a flattering face framing effect.
Brunette Megan Boone with medium length hair
Photo by PR Photos
If you find yourself wanting to transition from a short and sassy style to a longer length hairstyle consider the look that Megan is currently rocking. To accomplish a similar hairstyle, always work with fresh clean hair as the shorter a style is the more frequent washings it requires.
Next, apply a heat protectant serum and round brush the bottom layer outward while the top layers get round brushed under. An important tip to remember is to be conscious of where the air flow is directed to keep the style smooth.
Megan Boone - Brunette hair with below the chin layers
Photo by PR Photos
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