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Hair with Extensive Layers

Maria Menounos' long hair is styled in extensive layers, with her color being enriched with dark leather hues of brown mixed with foiled caramel and cinnamon stripes that are, shyly paced throughout, rendering a modest yet progressive look (February 20th, 2007).
We can see, Maria Menounos parts her hair in a slightly off centered part that could be her natural part and she wears her bangs alongside the rest of her hair.
Texture is everything in this hairstyle and this is why it is so important to use hair products to help your hair swing around to where you want it to be. In this case, use a lot of mouse or gel while blow drying, once done be sure and apply either the smoothing cream and gloss if you have naturally wavy hair and have no need for the curling iron.
However, if you are in the many group of millions of women who haven't been as gifted as those curly headed sisters; you are going to need a medium to large curling iron to simply spot curl in places.
Concentrate on the simplicity of the straight, smooth bangs that are balanced, the waves and you will have your style of hairstyles.
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