Lucy Lawless Hairstyles

Lucy Lawless, the beloved New Zealand actress and singer, remains an iconic figure for her portrayal of the fearless warrior in "Xena: Warrior Princess."
  • out of the face haircut
  • Lucy Lawless with her hair in curls and coils
  • Lucy Lawless wearing a see through top

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Known for her braided hair and kick-ass persona, Lucy has evolved over time, and a metaphorical time machine seems to have brought her back with a subtle transformation—a shift to a dark blonde with cinnamon tones.
With her round face and strong features, Lucy Lawless benefits from hairstyles that elongate her face and add volume towards the ends. Medium-length layered hairstyles are particularly flattering for her, as they enhance her facial contours and maintain balanced proportions. These layers not only frame her face but also add movement and texture to her hair, reflecting a dynamic and versatile look.
Lucy's preference for a side part further accentuates her classic charm and complements her natural complexion. This styling choice helps to balance her features while adding a touch of sophistication to her overall appearance.
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