Lucas Cruikshank Hairstyles

Lucas Cruikshank is an American actor, born August 29th 1993.
  • Lucas Cruikshank

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Lucas, a.k.a. Fred Figglehorn, was a YouTube sensation and quickly moved up to the big screen. The bright and talented star-in-the-making has a good nose for trends and keeps his haircuts up to date.
He has been sporting a cut that might not have been inspired by Justin Bieber but the similarities are obvious. All hair styled into the face from a high pivot point in the back. It is the modern bowl cut with a new axis and a lot of texture. A tiny curve in the edge and a few, also tiny, up and out flips add a bit more movement to the structure.
Another version of a similar base cut has more texture throughout and less stringent, pasted and still styling. Lucas has dark blonde hair and brown eyes.
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