Louise Roe Hairstyles

Louise Roe is a television presenter, fashion journalist and stylist. She is the co-host for E! Entertainment's Perfect Catch, E!'s Fashion Police, and reporter for the BBC's Clothes Show.
  • Louise Roe

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Louise has strong opinions about fashion, style and how to wear what. In her own world she takes a simple approach to her hair. She has been sporting a row of long hairstyles with sleek lines, textured tips, curls, wide and sweeping waves, in short she has been doing pretty much everything that one can do with over the shoulder long hair. All of her hairstyles have one thing in common however and that is a partition right in the center of her crown.
This look is classy and takes no risks. It is balanced and keeps all the attention on her face. Simple definitely does not mean plain in Louise's realm. She knows how to give her hair the right vibe and bounce to support her position as a fashion maven. The most charming haircuts for Louise have a good amount of volume on the side, since she has a very slender face.
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