Lo Bosworth Hairstyles

Lo Bosworth is an American television personality, born September 29th, 1986. She is known for her roles in Laguna Beach: "The Real Orange County" and "The Hills".
  • Lo Bosworth wearing her hair long and layered
  • Lo Bosworth wearing a grey satin dress

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Lo had had her ups and downs with hairstyles, literally. On some occasions the old saying "less is more" would have helped her to avoid looks with too much top volume that was just in the wrong place and also made her look too mature.
Lo's face shape tends to be triangular with a wider forehead and a narrow chin section. For this reason most of the volume of her hair should be on the sides and especially in the lower sections thereof.
Some great looks for her include long sleek lines with tapered sides, a bit of fine layering and a playful side fringe. This basic look can quickly turn vavavoom with some curls or as an elegant up style. Long layered hair with a lot of volume also works great with her features and style. A simple straight ponytail in the back or on the side is an adorable look as well.
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