Lesli Kay Hairstyles

American actress Lesli Kay was born on June 13th, 1965 in West Virginia. The Emmy winner is best known for her role as Felicia Forrester in The Bold and The Beautiful.
  • Lesli Kay
  • Lesli Kay with her hair clipped short
  • Lesli Kay with shiny short hair
  • Lesli Kay with semi curly hair

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And bold she is. With raven hair, piercing blue eyes and alabaster skin she seems to just have sprung out of a fairy tale. She is also daring. It takes some guts, and of course a beautiful face, to go from medium long hairstyles to a quarter of an inch clipper cut.
Lesli has well defined features and perfect proportions. She can wear any haircuts and can't help but always turning heads and stopping traffic.
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