Lydia Hearst - Long Hairstyle

Lydia Hearst wearing a long straight hairstyle
Photo by PR Photos
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Only one month later (May 7th 2009) and Lydia Hearst has allowed her hair to grow below her shoulders and styled straight. There is a high side part that takes the hair back, secured by barrettes with long slips of hair to hang over her face and on her sides.
Her makeup is lightly secured with a transparent foundation, eyeliner on the top and less on the bottom, mascara, eyebrows are still light and attractively shaped with a feminine appeal, hint of blush and once again; the natural flesh lip color.
Lydia must favor the warmer gold based shades of clothes, as this time, we can see her decked out in a scooped round neck that favors two shades of gold. Blondes do not look their best in gold as many times it will bring a brassiness in their hair color or, sometimes the color of the yellow or gold tends to be too close to the blondes own color and there isn't any contrast.
While Lydia can wear the gold well, there is a possibility; she would look better with a watermelon coral color to bring out the pink hues in her fair skin.
Lydia Hearst - long below the shoulders hairstyle
Photo by PR Photos
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