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Liv Tyler - Shoulder long bob hairstyle
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Adorable Liv Tyler was a vision of grace as she stepped onto the red carpet at the 76th Academy Awards held in Los Angeles on February 29, 2004. Her presence exuded elegance and captured the essence of true Hollywood glamour.
Dressed impeccably, Liv Tyler showcased a sophisticated gown that perfectly balanced allure and sophistication. The dress tastefully revealed just the right amount of skin, accentuating her statuesque figure while maintaining an air of class.
Complementing her stunning attire was Liv Tyler's captivating hairstyle, which undoubtedly stole the show. Her shoulder-length bob was styled with a low parting on one side, allowing most of her lustrous hair to cascade asymmetrically over her shoulders.
Each strand seemed to catch and reflect light, accentuating the smooth, full waves that adorned her hair. The playful curls at the ends added a touch of whimsy and charm, further enhancing her overall look.
Liv Tyler with short hair
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Liv Tyler hairstyle showing one of her ears
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Liv Tyler wearing a long black evening gown
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