Leighton Meester's Barrel Curls

Leighton Meester wearing her hair long with barrel curls
Photo by PR Photos
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Actress Leighton Meester looks great as a brunette, especially with her long hair falling free and open (July 19th, 2007). The layered cut adds more volume and fun motion to her over the shoulder length tresses.
The styling is fairly foolproof with a good base cut. Just dry over the head and twist some strands around a large barrel curling iron. Plug into place with the fingers and just ruffle it all up before you fixate it with a mist of flexible hold hairspray.
A great look for many occasions. But the mystery remains of what made Leighton put on this ruffled muumuu ...
Hair and dress for a Leighton Meester look
Photo by PR Photos
Leighton Meester wearing her long hair free and open
Photo by PR Photos
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