Kirsten Price Hairstyles

Kirsten Price is an American model and actress, born on November 13th, 1981.
  • Kirsten Price

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The star keeps her hair long and sexy. She has worn a range of gorgeous long hairdos in many variations. Among the most flattering hairstyles was a long, straight cut with tapered sides from the chin down. The ends curved slightly inward to complete the mahogany colored frame around her expressive face.
A two tone do with a black lower and a blond top section was also quite interesting and head turning. Especially with another layer of contrast built in - curls and straight parts. A copper red shag cut gave Kirsten a very wild and seductive edge, while she is a picture of poise and elegance with smooth and simple updos like a bun combined with a snug fitting and face framing long fringe.
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