Kier Mellour Hairstyles

  • Kier Mellour

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Kier Mellour is an American actress, born on April 20th, 1989. The talented and ambitious Kier is not only blessed with a great beginning career but also with a fantastic head of hair. Her brunette mane is thick, healthy and luscious. Hair like this speaks for itself and does not need any fancy treatments and cuts to turn heads. Kier wears it sexy, open and long to show it off in all its beauty.
A few well placed layers add movement and bouncy curves and a bit of texture in the ends keeps things light and soft. She sometimes plays with her long fringe and clips it to the side with a fancy little hair accessory or she pulls it back over her crown - a very elegant and luxurious choice. The fullness of her hair comes out especially with medium long haircuts like a long bob.
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