Keesha Sharp Hairstyles

Keesha Sharp is an American actress, born on June 9th, 1973. She is known for her role as Monica on the show "Girlfriends".
  • Keesha Sharp

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Keesha found a perfect look for herself in a long and layered hairstyle. It is parted in the center and cut to long, generous layers that cover her shoulders and spring up in the tips. Tons of volume and even more sexy movement are the key elements of these seductive and sophisticated locks.
With her hair open, Keesha is a picture of a sexy, glamorous woman, but she can also take her mane and roll it to a bun or into a casual ponytail when she wants to stay cool and casual. The billowy softness of her hair is a great way to soften her distinct facial lines and a well defined jaw area.
For variation Keesha has changed the length a few times, but kept the basic centered look. Perhaps a touch of asymmetry with a side part and more texture in the fringe to keep it light, could be a sexy alternative.
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