Kany Garcia Hairstyles

Kany Garcia is a Puerto Rican singer and songwriter, born on September 25th, 1982.
  • Kany Garcia with her hair in a bob

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In Kany's world there is no room for straight and narrow, boxes or simple lines. She has and edge and likes to show it. When it comes to her hair it shows a constant asymmetry that has been a part of many haircuts she has worn over the years. Extreme examples like a super short right side, with a chin length fringe on the other, all adorned with funky color effects.
She has tried many different textures and hair colors to spice up her style and live out her playfulness. She even turned a classic bob into an asymmetrical creation, which was a very flattering look on her. Her colors go back and forth between brunette and blonde and sometimes even both at the same time in the form of thick streaks or layers of color.
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