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Quick Easy Updo

Keke Palmer wearing her hair in an easy updo
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Keke Palmer used to sing in her church choir when she was only five years old. This must have given her a taste of possible stardom; as when she was nine she auditioned for "The Lion King."
She smiles just like the celebrity she really is and looks quite incomparable wearing her lovely long hair up in an off centered updo on January 12th, 2007. This is an easy quick style.
Pull your hair all back and place inside a hair band or clasp, make sure it is slightly off center in the back. Take your rattail comb and bring some of your hair out from the band to fall a little in the back and on the sides. Take the comb once again and place underneath your hair on the top and lift slightly for a pouf. Instead of a rattail comb, a large hair pin can also be used. Spray.
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