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Tones of Blonde

The paparazzi took plenty of pictures and notes when a smiling Kathryn Morris walked into the 2009 Environmental Media Awards on October 25th, 2009. If you happen to be a little bit handy and talented you just might be able to come close to styling your hair like hers, however; not the haircolor, leave that up to the pros as there are several tones of blondes and brown panels throughout her hairstyle and because of this; there are generous amounts of moisturized conditioning creams on her hair.
If you also have high maintenance color treated hair, after the treating shampoos and conditioners are applied, Biolage has a daily leave in tonic and followed with Gelee that gives a firm hold that could be seriously considered, especially if you feel you need more body.
The easy way to style your hair like Kathryn's is to either use a curling iron on the top going back and then, blocking a small section for the bangs to come over the forehead. Use your curling/coiling iron to vertically wind small sections around your head. Depending upon your hair, perhaps Biolage's thermo activating spray would be right for your hair with a medium hold.
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