Kaley Cuoco with Pink Hair

Kaley Cuoco with pink hair
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Elegantly dressed in a sleeveless black tea length gown with matching high heels Kaley Cuoco dazzled while walking down the red carpet of Glamour Magazine's Women of the Year Awards on June 2nd, 2015.
The twenty nine year old actress has played younger roles for years but this classic ensemble and timeless hairstyle really show the grown-up side of Kaley' however, notice that she is sure to add in a few pink strands to give her sophisticated short hairstyle a fun twist.
To steal Kaley's sophisticated, yet fun style first, make sure your hair is the appropriate length. She tucks her hair behind her ears so the hair must be long enough to do this. Blonde hair, like Kaley's is the easiest to add unnatural colors to (like her pink).
Kaley Cuoco - Short hair with pink strands
Photo by PR Photos
Working with freshly shampooed hair is best, especially when it's a shorter style as the natural oils weigh hair down. Once hair is freshly shampooed (and conditioned) put on a heat protectant oil serum and heat the flat iron to the lowest heat setting (you can always go higher in temperature, if needed).
Next begin flat ironing to achieve Kaley's pin straight strands (notice how her ends are stick straight?). This can also be achieved with a strong texturizing pomade (after it is blow dried straight, apply the pomade and pull the ends straight) then, again set the stiff style with a freezing spray and drying with the blow dryer. Don't forget to finish off with a shine spray!
Kaley Cuoco look
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