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Quick Sporty Look

Kaley Cuoco wears her hair up again, only this time (June 21st, 2004) she has a top notch just up from her crown with her hair fluffed over her head. Her bangs have grown out and are curled over and fastened on the top, while other slips of hair are scattered along her face to join in with the pieces on the sides.
This is a sporty quick look and would be easy to do for yourself. When you get your hair up into the ponytail, comb your top over into a curl and secure with a pin, then take part of the bang and section in an irregular part and slip it down, as seen in the picture. Pull out a few side slips of hair and you are ready to go.
Kaley looks best in her bronzing/blush, light shadow, lashes, mascara, eyeliner and natural lip color and most of the reason is because of the blending with good makeup brushes.
Kaley Cuoco with her hair up and styled with a top notch Quick and sporty look for hair - Kaley Cuoco
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