Jessalyn Gilsig Hairstyles

Jessalyn Gilsig is a Canadian actress, born on May 26th, 1971. She is known for her role as Terri Schuester in 'Glee' and her roles in 'Boston Public' and 'NYPD Blue.'
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Jessalyn enjoys her long hair and has made just a few changes to her basic cut and hair color over the years. The length decreased while the texture increased. In the past, Jessalyn wore her hair mostly straight, with a part in the center or just a bit off to the side. Her long fringe was then curved backward in a fluid line, and the rest of her hair hung over her shoulders. This was a nice look, which she often modified with ponytails and upstyles.
One alternative was the addition of some extra curl with a thick curling iron. A shorter, textured fringe was a nice but rather ordinary look that pales in comparison to modern hairstyles like the textured and layered shag look. Fine structuring and subtle highlights make this look modern and extremely flattering for her.
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