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Irregular Center Part

Get a load of this delightful photograph of Jessalyn Gilsig on January 13th, 2009 at the 2009 FOX Winter All-Star Party. Her hair was entirely different with an irregular center part; long bangs that were placed along the side of her face and integrated in with the rest of her hair with the exception of the one split of hair that hung over her eye. Her ends were blown around her neckline and below her shoulders.
Jessalyn has those gorgeous blue eyes she can really smile about and she wears a good covering foundation with generous amounts of bronzing to give the feel of a good tan. Her eyebrows are of a medium thickness with an attractive arch. There is a light shadow in the background with a thick eyeliner and mascara. Her glossy coral lip tone completes her dressy presentation with her black dress and drop earrings.
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