Jaimie Alexander Hairstyles

  • Jaimie Alexander with long hair
  • Jaimie Alexander with short hair
  • Jaimie Alexander with her hair in a pixie
  • Jaimie Alexander with her hair in a short bob

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Jaimie Alexander is definitely one to try new things and take hair and fashion risks. Anyone who can rock black hair with fair skin is pushing the style envelope. She also loves to experiment with extremely short hairstyles that a lot of actresses are afraid to try. She uses her hair as an accessory and uses her strands to their full potential.
Jaimie is an American actress most known for her roles in the super hero "Thor" movies. She has had many rolls in movies as well as television shows. She is a young rising star and her beauty is beyond compare. The young starlet has a maturity that makes her very relatable and likable.
Jaimie looks great with long hairstyles as well as super short ones. Long, wavy hairstyles and edgy bobs both look awesome on her. Jaimie usually shows off some sort of funky texture with whatever length of hairstyle she has at the time. Sleek, straight strands would just be too boring for her.
She has typically always kept her strands on the dark brown side although she dabbles with black shades now and then. The midnight colors look amazing on her pale skin and give her a true Snow White appearance. We think that Jaimie has found her fashion star and needs to keep on rocking it and inspiring us with her original looks.
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