Jaimie Alexander's Cute Pixie

Jaimie Alexander with her hair in a pixie
Photo by PR Photos
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This is such a cutely styled pixie! We love the girly, soft touches around the ears and the pinned back mini updo. The overall styling is very 1960s with the dramatic cat eyes, short haircut, graphic print dress, and pink pumps. It's a totally cute look that is fun and flirty.
Jaimie's strands are tapered at the neck in the back and feathered up and around the ears. It is so important to not go too short around the ears when choosing to have your hair cut into a pixie. Shaved hair around the ears can look too harsh and masculine so be wary with the length you tell your stylist.
The front fringe is left longer so she has the ability to wear it forward or slicked back and pinned like she did at the Los Angeles Premiere of "The Normal Heart" (2014). It's basically a mini updo for a pixie haircut. So simple yet so interesting and chic!
Jaimie Alexander - Soft short hairstyle with feathering around the ears
Photo by PR Photos
Jaimie's black colored locks definitely make a statement. This dark shade is not for the faint of heart and really adds drama to the overall look. This is a great, inspiring way to see how color makes such an impact even on such short hair. Even though Jaimie has lighter colored skin, she fills in her eyebrows to match her dark hair and it balances the look; it's that small detail that makes a huge difference.
And don't underestimate your makeup and wardrobe styling. Jaimie turns a cute hairstyle into an overall fashion moment!
Jaimie Alexander - Short hair with a tapered neck
Photo by PR Photos
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