Coiled Knot or Doubled Knot

Jordana Spiro wearing her hair up in a knot
Photo by PR Photos
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Jordana Spiro is wearing her hair in an off center part and pulled back on both sides and up in the lower section of the crown on her head (January 28th, 2007).
Her design could possibly be a coiled knot or a doubled over hair loop. After parting your dry hair gather all the hair back into a hair band, take one part of the hair and wrap around tucking all the hair under the band.
Do this until you've finished this style, or, you can bring the hair back once again and twist the hair in a circular motion and tuck the ends around the knot and secure with pins.
For the doubled knot; bring the hair back and slip into the band keeping the ends of the hair inside the band along with the hair you've wrapped closest to the head. Do not worry about any hair fanning out in spikes, as it is quite in vogue...
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