Joan Rivers' Hair

Joan Rivers feathered blonde hair
Photo by PR Photos
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Our Brooklyn born Joan poses for the cameras at Comedy Central Roast of Joan Rivers on July 26, 2009. Joan wears her hair back in flips of the 1980s hairstyles when Farrah Fawcett was leading the trend. With all trends circling back around again, Joan knew it was all in a matter of time before the feathered look would soon be back. Besides, why change a good hairstyle when you feel you look good in it.
Her blonde hair captures her side into small curls and then envelopes back with the rest of the hair. I would like to see Joan with a little bit more color in her hair like a light warm brown with very thin strips of her blonde. The light warm brown would give her some more color in her face whereas her platinum blonde drabs her facial color.
As we age we need to carefully add more color to our face, hair and clothes unless we have silvered gracefully and it harmonizes with our skin color. If Joan had light warm brown hair, her gold sequined top would be a real addition. Her chunky glass necklace is a real beauty and goes with her collar; and as it turns out the collar was the bridge for the gold and the glass to meet successfully.
Joan Rivers wears a good amount of cover makeup with a thick cake foundation, meticulously penciled eyebrows, dark ashen eye shadow that circles around her eyes accompanied with thick eyeliner. There is a lighter shadow on her lids and blush on her cheeks with a whimsical shimmery coral lip tone.
Tip: Many professionals like Joan have learned the importance of placing colors next to the face like the coral lip color, black collar on the gold jacket and that lush chunky glass necklace. Her diamond earrings go well with her collar. Joan knows how to accessorize.
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