Jennifer Beals' Curly Hair

Jennifer Beals hair with curls swinging around her shoulders
Photo by PR Photos
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We all change as the years go by, and we can observe how Jennifer has only gotten lovelier. This time (September 13, 2009), she has her hair in long informal layers with easy curls that swing up around her shoulders.
The top has a center part that allows the bangs to be divided and swung over into half waves, parked next to the sides. The bottom of her hair tends to be darker than the top, which has casts of warmth that could possibly be from the sunshine. There are also very selective streaks of hair that have been tinted about three levels up from her normal color, helping to brighten her appearance.
The bright powder blue/teal color of her dress is one of the best choices she could make for her skin tone and hair color, as it seems to neutralize her overall appearance.
Jennifer Beals long hair with easy curls
Photo: Tinseltown/Shutterstock
Jennifer Beals wearing a teal color dress
Photo by PR Photos
Jennifer Beals long and curly hairdo
Photo by PR Photos
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