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Sporty Carefree Bob

Scottish celebrity Jenni Falconer made her television debut in 1994 as a contestant on Blind Date.
Jenni Falconer wearing her hair in a medium length bob
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Jenni's pale blonde hair is styled very simply in a medium length bob on January 23rd, 2007. Her bangs lie just below her eyes and are brushed away from her face and tucked under the hair on her sides.
Begin with conditioned damp hair and apply your styling gel and section off the back into the three areas of the crown, middle and the bottom areas. Center the part and comb down on both sides and clip. Use your medium round brush starting at the bottoms edge and curl under and out as you blow your hair. Repeat this throughout the whole head until dry. Use your gloss for sheen and brush.
This is a sporty carefree haircut that can also be dressed up into a twist, roll or chignon for those special occasions.
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