Busy Lifestyle Haircut

Jane Lynch - Short hairstyle and a silk orange blouse
Photo by PR Photos
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Jane Lynch wore her sporty shag haircut at the 2010 Trevor LIVE Fundraiser at the Hollywood Palladium on December 05, 2010. Her easy to wear short layered hairstyle was impressive and simple to style for herself. Along the nape we can see it cuffed around her collar while some hair was left to be flipped upward.
The crown was cropped like the top; just enough to give it some needed height and bounce. The sides were pieced over her ears to either be combed away from her face or in a circle toward her face. Her top alone, which is the most delightful pops over without a care, yet barely touching her forehead.
This particular hairstyle is good for someone who has a very busy lifestyle and cannot spend hours of time in a chair to prepare herself to go outside. One of the many good things about the shag hairstyle is that it can be worn curly, wavy or straight. If it is long enough, you can put up the lower back and pouf up the upper half over the rest of the hair with a flip of your brush. If you crave waves with your shag look, contact your professional about getting a modest body wave.
Jane's makeup is natural and simple just like her personality. She keeps her eyebrows in a thick natural form, but darkened just a small bit. There is a grayish shadow, eyeliner, mascara and blush with a frosty natural light rose lip color. Her orange silk blouse collar brings out the color in her cheeks. Summing up Jane's coloring, we can immediately see: Blonde, flesh pink, orange and black.
Suggestion: With Jane's deep set eyes, a pale beige or antique white would help bring them out more. A concentration of lightly smudged green and smudged dark eyeliner on the bottom of her eyes only would bring her eyes into the forefront. If you have deep set eyes and use eyeliner, the dark eyeliner will set them in deeper instead of bringing them out.
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