Jada Pinkett Smith's Updo

Jada Pinkett Smith wearing her hair in a smooth updo
Photo by PR Photos
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Not only can celebrity Jada Pinkett Smith act and sing, but she designs her own line of clothes called "Maja" mainly sold in various catalogs.
As we can see, her hair is styled straight and smooth in the back with her sides tied in to her top for pouf (January 11th, 2007).
To achieve this style for durability begin with damp hair and section off the top with both of the sides. Start blow drying with a large brush moving out and under and down. Use a smoothing lotion and rub down the hair with your hands. Back comb the sides and top lightly with your brush.
Smooth out the top layers of the top and sides while taking the sides back together with the top in the back with a hair clasp in the top of the crown area making sure the top has plenty of pouf. Instead of placing the hair into a hair clasp you can also roll all the hair under on the top of the crown and secure with hair pins. Spray.
Jada Pinkett Smith with back combed hair
Photo by PR Photos
Jada Pinkett Smith with her hair hair styled up for pouf
Photo by PR Photos
Jada Pinkett Smith wearing her hair up
Photo by PR Photos
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