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Hair Tied to a Semi Updo

Izabella Scorupco wearing her hair in a semi updo - Side view
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At the L.A. Premiere of "The Exorcist: The Beginning" Izabella Scorupco worked the red carpet in a smoldering hot and black see-through ensemble. It was beautifully contrasted by a string of diamonds and her long hair.
The layered cut was tied to a semi tail on the back of the crown, were the side sections were gathered and fastened with another strand and a couple of pins.
The real eye catcher was however the hair color. Multicolored strands in light blonde, golden blonde and a silverish hue create a dynamic visual treat.
Crown view of Izabella Scorupco's hair Izabella Scorupco with her hair pinned up Izabella Scorupco wearing her hair up
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