Haircut for 50-Plus Women

Finola Hughes - Haircut for a 50 plus woman
Photo by PR Photos
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In this photo from 2013, Finola Hughes is fifty-two years old. Can you believe it? The actress looks simply fabulous! It just goes to show that a great haircut and color can truly be the fountain of youth.
This would be a great hairstyle to consider if you are a more mature lady. Finola's cut is superb. Her layers are chiseled to perfectly frame her face. They fall right at the jawline and then step down gradually until they reach the length. Layers are kept around the face only to really highlight it. By keeping the layers only around the face, it also helps keep the rest of the haircut's texture smooth and straight.
Her rich, medium-colored brown hair hides any trace of gray and looks extremely natural. The tips of her hair are just a shade lighter to create a trendy ombré effect. An ombré coloring technique is when one color blends softly and slowly into another. In this case, it moves from dark brown into a light caramel shade. This is a very subtle example which works great with her age. Lightening up the tips adds warmth to the hair and really flatters Finola's skin tone.
Finola Hughes - Haircut that makes an older woman look younger
Photo by PR Photos
Finola Hughes - Modern hairstyle for mature ladies
Photo by PR Photos
Finola Hughes - Hairstyle which works with her age
Photo by PR Photos
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