Simple Fix Hairstyle

Elise Neal - Simple and very long hairstyle
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Elise Neal's eye-catching features can be attributed to the tweaks of layers in her very long hair that have been smoothly angled toward each other. Her mellow bangs add the peek-a-boo image that her peers find irresistible.
This hairstyle is a simple fix when you have the right cut! After you have washed and conditioned your hair and lightly applied your favorite styling crème, section it into different divisions fastening them with clips. Always begin blow drying on the nape at the bottom in the back.
Selecting a hair brush is usually a matter of personal preference. What works for you, is what is best! Some prefer the ceramic see through, others like the round jumbo natural bristles or a wide flat brush. Using a flat iron is also according to taste. Some prefer a thinner model verses the wider tool.
If your hair is too bushy from the blow dry, try smoothing serum to tame the cuticles and close up the ends. Experimentation can make a world of difference when you are up to change.
Elise neal wearing a light blue turtleneck top
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Elise neal's simple long hair
Photo by PR Photos
Back view of Elise Neal's very long hairstyle
Photo by PR Photos
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