Estella Warren Hairstyles

Estella Warren is a Canadian actress, born December 23rd, 1978.
  • Estella Warren

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Elaborate upstyles like braided, twisted and artfully arranged creations are not the only looks that put Estella into the spotlight. The former model and synchronized swimmer has long blonde hair and a gorgeous heart shaped to oval face.
Her preferred hairstyles are sexy and casual looks. Open, flowing hair cut with a few layers and gentle texture for optimum volume and softness.
Often her hairstyles are stylishly disheveled and exude a sunny back from the beach feel. She has a light natural wave built in and looks stunning and glamorous when she enhances it and frames her face in thick golden curls and waves. All straight and sleek is an elegant and timeless alternative and still very seductive, especially with curved ends flipped outward.
Estella's hair color is a pretty golden blonde, which glows even more with the help of a few fine highlights.
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