Easy to Care for Hairstyle

Dorothy Hamill's easy to care for hairstyle
Photo by PR Photos
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Former ice skating queen Dorothy Hamill celebrates her daughter Alex Forsythe's 21st birthday in Las Vegas.
Our beloved ice queen is still wearing her hair short and similar to how she used to wear it, during her heyday, only back then it was cut up more closely in the back and in her famous "Dorothy Hamill" bob, with the sides shorter and of course everything was quite darker too.
Today her hair is graciously lightened to lift up her natural color and shade her grey a stroke of blonde. Sometimes we all need a lift when we become more "mature" even someone who took the Olympics in 1976.
Dorothy has always liked simplicity and has been a very busy lady and not given to much primping. She has kept her "easy to care for style" most of her life, in various moderations like the one we see above. Having natural straight hair and dedicated to other things in her life besides her hair made her hairstyling decision easy.
There are other ways Dorothy could wear her hair. One way is to blow it back and tuck it behind her ears. Twisting a few sections would be fun when playing tennis or walking and when wearing a hairband why not spike up a couple of top sections making a statement once in awhile!
True to herself, Dorothy wears her makeup lightly. Her eyebrows are medium arched and brushed a little darker. She is heavy eyeliner in the top center of her lids while it circles around her eyes. There is mascara, blush and a medium pink lip color. Her accessories are pearl earrings and a necklace to match with a basic black dress.
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