Daisy Fuentes Hairstyles

Daisy Fuentes
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Daisy Fuentes is an American model and television personality, born November 17th, 1966.
She also became famous with fitness videos and has launched her own perfume. Daisy wears her hair feminine and long. Every now and then the partition shifts over to the side, but always comes back to center. Her caramel colored hair is healthy and thick, making it possible to style it in many different ways.
Her base cut is usually a long layered look with a flattering tapering along both sides in front. The wispy face frame softens her face and keeps her looking at least ten years younger.
This base cut can be modified with curls or waves and quickly turns into a seductive mane of passion and opulent luxury. It is also long enough to create fun or elegant updos.
In short, with her signature long haircut Daisy has the perfect base that she can adjust to many different occasions and go from sporty to elegant in no time.
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