Hair Pulled Back into a Twist

Claire Danes with her hair pulled back
Photo by PR Photos
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Claire Danes looks stunning with her golden locks pulled gently back into a simple twist at the nape of her neck. The hair is plied with a mild styling product to give it a little texture and definition, and looks finished without being too severe.
You can imitate this look by blow-drying your hair with a styling mousse, using a wide tooth comb to pull it back into a simple twist at the nape of the neck and misting the hair lightly with hairspray before gently running the tips of your fingers through the surface of the hair to add a touch of definition.
Claire Danes - Updo with the hair styled towards the back
Photo by PR Photos
Claire Danes wearing her hair up and away from her face
Photo by PR Photos
Back view of Claire Danes dress and hairstyle
Photo by PR Photos
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